Marketing Materials Suggestions

There are several items that can help you sell more, particularly if you sell at craft shows or wholesale. Here are a list of items and their potential benefits.

1. Logo: A logo is a symbolic representation of your business. It is typically designed with an icon and the name of your business. A slogan is often incorporated into the design.

2. Business card: This is the #1 item that you should have. You can hand this out to anyone. Be sure to include one product photo, your name, email contact and store web address.

3. Online Shop Banners: If you sell on Etsy, Artfire, Zibbet, MadeIt or any other artisan website customizing your shop with a banner and avatar graphic is essential for branding your business as well as distinguishing your shop from the other online talent.

4. Postcard: This is a larger version of the business card. Mail a few weeks after a customer has made a purchase to offer a discount. Use just to hand out. There’s more room for photos that on a business card so show off your beautiful wares. Again, make sure your name, email contact and store web address are present.

5. Pricetags, Hangtags and Stickers: This is not useful for all items but if you sell garments, jewelry, pottery, baked goods or toys attaching a hangtag or sticker to your item adds branding power to your goods. If you are selling at a show these will put an easy to find price on your wares. When customers don’t know a price they are just as likely to walk away as to ask “How much”?

6. Return Address Labels: You’ll be mailing out a lot of packages and writing your address over and over again can be cumbersome. Plus, printed address labels look really great and let your customer know what they received before they even open their package.

7. Notecards: A nice note of thanks placed with the sold item is always nice to get. It adds a personal touch and can be another way to remind your customer of who you are and where to buy more of your items.

8. Coupons: We all love coupons. Offer discounts for returning customers. Unfortunately Etsy does not have a coupon code area so you would have to indicate that it would be a reimbursement but $$ is $$ and coupons are great incentives for customers.

9. Web Advertisement Graphic: This graphic is key for driving customers to your shop from other websites. There are thousands of blogs that offer free or inexpensive advertising as well as websites (such as that specialize in advertising.

10. Flyer: A flyer is especially important to have if you plan to sell wholesale. Can be emailed, too.

11. Craft or Art Show Banner: These are typically vinyl banners and printed in full color. Only necessary if you do shows.

12. Blog: Blogs are free and easy to maintain. They let your customers and fans know what you and your business are up to.