Saturday, August 7, 2010

To Logo or Not to Logo

What exactly is a logo and what can it do for me?

A logo is essentially a compact design that is the signature of your brand. It typically includes text - the name of your shop and maybe a tagline - and sometimes a graphic element - usually symbolic of the product or product mood. A logo can help keep your brand consistent. You would use this on all of your marketing materials - business card, banner, hangtags, labels, flyers, etc - to keep things looking consistent. Question is, do you need a logo? Here’s a list of reasons to choose to go with a logo.
  • You want to be able to take your graphic and run with it. Meaning, you want to own your logo graphic outright and not be dependent on the graphic designer to constantly edit your brand. NOTE: To have this right you need to own the copyright to the graphic. You do not necessarily get this when you purchase a logo. It needs to be spelled out specifically in your contract or the purchased listing on Etsy. Most graphic designers on Etsy do NOT provide the copyright to their clients. Meaning, the graphic designer owns the copyright and can require that you pay royalties. What royalties means depends on them.
  • You sell dozens of items that have labels on them - spa, cosmetics, candles and toiletries all need labels. A logo will keep your branding consistent and will make the designing easier in the long run.
  • You sell on Etsy as well as other places. A logo will help keep your brand consistent and will help regular customers know they’re in the right place. They will identify your logo.
  • You want to attract customers with a unique brand. This is what is often seen as the manipulative side of marketing. Personally, I think it’s part of the fantasy of buying beautiful things. From childhood we role play, so why is it so awful to buy something because it makes you feel retro or chic or earthy? It’s all in fun and can absolutely help you sell your products.
  • You want your brand to look professional. If you want to take your products to the “next level” a professionally designed logo can do just that. A well designed logo will show prospective buyers and wholesellers that you take your business seriously.

Designing a smart, impactful logo takes a lot of time and effort.
It is also one of the more expensive services to purchase on Etsy. So, be thoughtful when selecting a designer and make sure that you communicate your needs with the person you hire.\
A well-done logo design should follow some specific processes:
  • A questionnaire for the client with detailed questions about their business.
  • Research on the part of the designer and the client to find out what the competition is doing with regards to their brand.
  • No copying of other business brand concepts.
  • An original concept for your business.
  • Lots of time and thinking on the part of the designer - this is not a whimsical, impulsive artistic practice. It takes serious thinking and logic to do a smart logo.
  • Discussions with the client to ensure that the logo is hitting the mark.

I'm Creative and Know Way Around a Computer - Why Should I Hire a Graphic Designer If I Sell on Etsy?

OK, so you have your store set up and have used the Etsy bannerator. Your shop looks nice but it’s not unique. What do you do? A custom banner design done by a talented Etsy graphic designer is the answer. Graphic designers love to work for our Etsy clients. You are talented and creative and allow us to design the kind of creative stuff that got us into graphics in the first place.

You can certainly create a banner yourself. These days it’s getting easier and easier to DIY your own graphic designs. However, there are advantages to hiring an Etsy graphic designer. Here are a few reasons:
  • We’re fast. Most of us can design a banner and other marketing materials for your store in about a week.
  • You’re critical. Most of what you make for yourself you will dislike. It’s very hard to design for yourself and be happy with the end result.
  • We’re trained professionals. This is what we do. There are dozens of talented designers in Etsy’s “Everything Else” section. There are readymade and custom banners available in all colors and styles.
  • You have a busy schedule. It’s midnight and you just finished folding the laundry. You’re exhausted and need some help getting your business rolling.
  • We’re reasonably priced. Yes, graphic design on Etsy is plentiful and inexpensive. Your fellow Etsy designer will charge anywhere from $50-150 for a logo design. Your profession designer from the Yellow Pages will probably charge $400-500.
Our end goal is to make a nice living for ourselves and to help you do the same.

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